California Superbike School

The California Superbike School’s course curriculum works. We are the number one school in all of the 33 countries where we have operated. Please do not come to us for an expensive trackday. We are professionals dedicated to your improvement and we will ensure you learn the skills. Each level is a complete and integrated package of technical skills. The levels are not structured according to a rider’s experience. Each of the Levels is its own set of related skills broken down into easily understood, bite-sized chunks. Read about them below.

Your Goals

We provide a logical, step-by-step, structured approach for you to achieve your riding goals. We will help you define those goals and provide you with the tools to make progress towards them. This is not PR or hype, we guarantee it and we’re the only school who does. Take a look at what we do, then check our schedule to find a date and track close to you.

For registration and details please contact: +63 917 5967580 / (02) 829 2760 FB/IG @californiasuperbikeschoolPH