February 19, 2019

Formula V1 Goes Back to Japan in 2019!

The first season of the Giti-Formula V1 Challenge went down to the wire and the final round at Clark International Speedway saw young Luis Gono of Cleanfuel Racing bag the inaugural championship by a solitary point. Aside from bragging rights, Gono also earned the big prize that awaited the V1 champion: a seat in the Vita Cup’s Fuji Championship Race in Japan last November 2018.

Running in an unfamiliar Bitcoin-liveried car on an even more unfamiliar Fuji Speedway, Gono nonetheless put down some impressive practice times-clocking in just .1-second slower off the pacesetter on track. The language barrier between him and his local pit crew hampered him from getting his qualifying adjustments dialed in though, and he wound up starting 10th on the grid of 29 cars. After the 10 laps, Gono finished 12th-not bad considering he had never raced on Fuji before.

After making a splash as the first Filipino competitor in the Vita Cup, Gono will be looking forward to another opportunity to race in Japan-if he manages to clinch the championship again that is. This season the reigning champ won’t be racing in the foothills of Mt. Fuji either, instead they'll be competing at the legendary Suzuka Circuit in December to cap off the Giti-Formula V1 Challenge 2019!

The V1 cars in Formula V1 are the same Vita Cup racers made by West Racing Cars Japan, so this season-ending race could again be a test of how fast the V1 winner could adapt to an unfamiliar track. And with how the 2018 championship was such a close-fought affair, we're sure that whoever clinches the flight to Japan will put in a good race under our flag!